Ghost Boards

The Original Ghost Boards

Innovation meets performance with our smooth riding, clear acrylic longboards. With over fifty designs and five deck shapes and sizes we have a board for every level of rider. Select your design, deck size, trucks and wheels.

Why Buy a Clear Longboard?

Our Ghost Boards don’t just look cool — there’s good reason to roll and ride on a clear longboard: Our high-quality acrylic decks are incredibly durable, and they provide impressive damping against impacts and debris, with good spring and flex.

In other words, a Ghost Board provides the perfect amount of flexibility and stability for all riding styles — whether it’s casual cruising, carving, or downhill bombs — while insulating against shock on rougher rides.

Customize Your Board!

Cutting our clear longboards from acrylic also means we can customize every board’s shape with complex designs, unlike any other deck material on the market.

Each of our Ghost Boards comes with unique artwork and can be shaped and styled to your exact specifications.

When ordering your board, you’ll also get to pick the exact specs and colors you want, including:

  • Deck Length
  • Deck Shape
  • Deck Color
  • Truck Color
  • Wheel Color
  • Wheel Diameter
  • Wheel Type (solid, clear, LED, Shark)

Available Board Shapes

Our standard board shapes include the:

  • Surfer
  • Pintail
  • Platypus
  • Wheel-Cut
  • Drop-Through
  • Dancer
  • And more!

Want a custom or one-off board shape? We’ve cut some wicked custom longboards shaped like guitars, soda cans, leaves, UFOs, and more!

Order a Custom Clear Board Here

Made In The U.S.A.

All our clear longboards are cut from 3/4″ to 1″ acrylic in our Utah warehouse by skilled craftsmen. Once your board’s cut, we’ll assemble and customize it based on your order selection.

Need Help Ordering?

We’ve built thousands of Ghost Boards over the years, and we love to ride, too! We’re happy to help you pick out your board’s configuration, so you can be confident you’re happy with your setup.

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