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How to Clean & Care For Your Ghost Board

Congratulations on your new Ghost Board! Your board will provide years of cruisin’ fun — but there are some important things you should do to care for your board’s acrylic deck, and its components.

Follow this guide to learn how to properly clean your Ghost Board deck! We’ll show you how to buff and remove scratches, keeping your board looking new. We’re also covering how to maintain your wheels and trucks — and we’re going over important things you should not do to your board.

Let’s begin!

Remove Scratches From Your Ghost Board

As you put hard miles on your Ghost Board, the acrylic deck will develop light scratches and blemishes — that’s just part of riding!

This board’s got a few miles on it. Let’s polish it up.

You’ll need our Ghost Board Acrylic Cleaner

Our cleaner is specifically designed for buffing acrylic Ghost Board decks. It works on clear and colored decks! This 3-in-1 cleaning solution provides light scratch remover, heavy scratch and blemish remover, and a cleaner for your trucks and wheels.

Start With Fine Scratch Remover (#2)

Always start with the Fine Scratch Remover first. You should only use the Heavy Scratch Remover (#3) after attempting to polish with the #2 compound.

Apply, And Let Dry

Apply a liberal amount of the polishing compound to the scratched areas of your deck. Gently swirl the solution atop the acrylic, working it into the blemishes on the surface.

Let the solution dry for 5 minutes.

The compound will partially dry, forming a pasty texture. This allows the compound to more effectively abrade the surface, removing the deck’s scratches.

Buff & Polish With Microfiber

Buff the area covered in compound with a clean microfiber cloth. Use moderate pressure, working in a circular motion. Work with the same microfiber until the cloth begins to lift the compound off the acrylic.

Finish buffing by using a new, clean section of microfiber cloth. Polish until all compound is gone — and voila! Your board will shine like new.

If Scratches Remain, Repeat w/ #2 Compound

After buffing and polishing by hand, there may be some light scuffs left over. Attempt to remove these by reapplying some #2 compound, and repeating the steps above.

If deeper blemishes remain, repeat a third time using the #3 Compound for heavy scratches.

IMPORTANT: Only use a dime-size drop of #3 Compound. It is more abrasive; using excess amounts of this compound could damage your acrylic deck’s finish and engraving.

Wipe Down Deck With #1 Compound

After buffing and polishing the scuffs on your deck, liberally apply the #1 Compound to the entire surface of the deck.

Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it down by hand. For even more polish, use an electric buffer, applying the #1 Compound directly to the buffing pad. This will bring your Ghost Board back to its shiny, like-new glory!

Ghost Board Maintenance

It’s good practice to perform the following maintenance items on your Ghost Board every few weeks. This will ensure your board rides smoothly (and safely) for years to come.

Lightly Grease Truck Bushings

At some point, squeaky bushings become a common problem on most longboards and skateboards. A simple fix involves applying a small amount of lithium grease to the bushings and pivot cups. This will keep your board riding silky smooth and quiet.

Tighten Truck Bolts

Carving and turning can, over time, loosen up the bolts securing your trucks to your board’s deck. Check these often (and re-tighten as needed) to ensure you don’t experience death wobble when you’re riding.

Tighten Wheel Nuts

Even nylon locking nuts will loosen up as you ride. You should check your wheel nuts often, and tighten them any time your wheels show any signs of play. If you ride with our light-up wheels, you’ll know it’s time to re-tighten your wheel nuts if your wheel lights start flickering, or stopping lighting up altogether.

Read this guide to make sure your wheel lights are properly installed [LINK TO INSTALL GUIDE, DRAFT]

Storing Your Ghost Board

The best way to store your longboard is to hang it up! Grab one of our Ghost Skate Racks. A wall-mounted rack will keep your board off the floor and away from being left to lean haphazardly against a wall, where it could get damaged — plus, this is a great way to turn your board into a piece of wall art when you’re not riding!

Protecting Your Board

Our Ghost Boards’ acrylic decks are super strong, but they can suffer chips and dents if they’re struck hard enough. This most commonly happens to the tip and tail — but we’ve got board bumpers made from a strong, rubberized polymer to protect against damage. Grab one here!

What Not To Do To Your Ghost Board

Avoid these things to prevent damaging your Ghost Board!

Don’t Clean With Alcohol or Windex

Alcohol and Windex are highly corrosive when applied to acrylic. Cleaning your deck with either of these chemicals — or any other chemical cleaner — will damage the board’s finish. In extreme cases, these solvents can cause your deck to crack.

If you need to clean your board of dirt, mud, or debris, simply grab a towel and soak it in hot water, and wipe everything down.

Don’t Apply Oil to Trucks or Bearings

Applying oil to your trucks or bearings can, in fact, cause squeaks. Some oils have solvents in them, too, which could damage your bearings, wheels, and deck over time. Oil can trap dirt inside components, causing premature wear.

You should only apply a light coating of lithium grease as needed to ensure bearings and bushings run smoothly.

Need Help With Something Else?

Get in touch with us here! We’re happy to provide guidance on maintaining your Ghost Board and we’ll help you troubleshoot any issues you may have, so you can get back to cruising and carving.