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How to Install Ghost Board Wheel Lights

Got some of our light-up longboard wheels? Follow this quick guide to set them up!

Are your wheel lights not lighting up properly? Read below to ensure they’re properly installed.

1. Collect Wheel, Light Magnet, and Bearings

Each LED wheel uses two standard skate bearings, and an internal, rotating magnet assembly. The magnet powers the lights. No batteries are required! The LEDs are preinstalled in each wheel.

NOTE: Bearings are sold separately (available here). For all four wheels, you will need a total of eight bearings.

2. Press One Bearing Into Wheel

First, press one bearing into the wheel. The fit can be tight; use of a skate tool or socket is helpful.

NOTE: When pressing the bearing in, apply pressure to both the inner and outer races. Pressing on the center seal could damage the bearing.

3. Insert Magnet Assembly

Drop the LED magnet into the wheel. It will automatically align with the magnetized ring inside the wheel.

4. Install Opposite Bearing

Press the second bearing into the wheel, enclosing and securing the rotating magnet. Ensure both bearings are fully seated with firm pressure.

5. Install Wheel, Tighten Wheel Nut

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the other three wheels. Then insert each wheel onto your board’s trucks.

Take care when tightening the wheel nuts! If they’re too loose, the magnet ring won’t spin. If they’re too tight, the magnet ring could break. 

Lastly, install and tighten your trucks’ nylon lock nuts. Now you’re ready to roll!

(Are Your Wheels Not Lighting Up?)

Your wheel nuts are too loose, or too tight!

The wheel nuts must be tight enough to compress the magnet ring against the bearing races. This ensures the magnet rotates at the same rate as the rotation of the wheels.

If your wheels aren’t lighting up, simply tighten the wheel nuts until the wheels begin to light up reliably.

WARNING: Don’t overtighten! If you tighten your wheel nuts too much, you’ll apply excess pressure to the magnet ring. This may cause the ring to crack, rendering it inoperable.

Need Help?

Contact us here! We’re happy to help you troubleshoot any problems you may have. And, if your wheel lights aren’t working after troubleshooting, we may be able to help with replacement parts as part of your warranty.