40″ Wheel Cut Sunflower Longboard in Fluorescent Yellow


40″ Wheel Cut Sunflower Longboard in Fluorescent Yellow

40″ length

weight limit 220 lbs


In stock


This 40″ wheel cut longboard has the Sunflower design and comes with a fluorescent yellow acrylic deck, silver trucks and green LED wheels.  It is part of our Christmas Clearance boards and it being sold at a highly discounted price.

Live free. Ride a Ghost.


About our boards:

  • Made in Pleasant Grove, Utah from high quality clear acrylic
  • High performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Build your board by selecting your design, deck size and style, trucks and wheels!
  • Standard deck thickness is .75” for rider weight up to 220lbs, for weight above 220lbs a 1” deck is available as an upgrade

Check out the rest of our clear acrylic boards here: https://ghostboards.com/product-category/longboards/clear-completes/

Interested in our story? Visit https://utahstories.com/2019/01/plexiglass-with-class-ghost-long-board/  to learn more!

What truly sets Ghost Boards apart is our unwavering commitment to making our customers the creators of their own longboard designs. Thus, by offering the option to pick from our many designs or customize your own, we provide an avenue for personal expression and individuality. Furthermore, with our clear acrylic decks, you can seamlessly integrate your unique style and preferences into your longboarding adventures.

Discover the freedom to create and express yourself on the streets, parks, and hills with our exceptional clear acrylic decks from Ghost Boards. So join us as we revolutionize the longboarding experience and let your imagination run wild.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 10 × 5 in


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