Gartel Limited X GHOST BOARDS

A New Revolution in Skateboards

Famous Digital Media Artist Laurence GARTEL has formed an alliance and
collaboration with us at Ghost Boards. GARTEL always
thinks “out of the box” on all his products.

GARTEL offers collectors an opportunity to
acquire our boards with a world-class artist.

The first GARTEL board to “launch” is the “UFO” edition filled with imagery that takes the
collector to the outer limits of space. The “UFO” has just been unveiled at the
“Aliens vs. Astronauts” Burning Man Fundraiser for the Lunarcrats held at
“Movies of Lake Worth.”

Extraterrestrial beings were there to usher in this techno/cyberpunk, happening. The crowd was mesmerized by the uniqueness of this
skateboard inclusive of the Artist’s signature color purple inset clear wheels that
have spinning lights.

“Quality has always been my hallmark,” states GARTEL. I don’t create products for
product’s sake, but to give the discerning collective something different that they have
never witnessed. The imagery is always the signature of the Artist. “Nobody ever
knows what I am going to create next,” says the Maestro.

This is a game-changer.
Ghost Boards will retail the GARTEL Limited Edition UFO Collection starting at
$3,500, which will come with a signature of authenticity. All boards will be hand-signed. Additional boards will be released throughout the year. – Once they are
gone, they are gone. Don’t miss out on being an early adopter. These one-of-a-kind GARTEL pieces are limited.

Questions? Contacts us at:

Simply Google: Laurence GARTEL to learn about the Artist’s indefatigable career
pioneering Digital Art for nearly half a century.

Laurence Gartel holding a Ghost Board Guitar board with his limited edition art on the longboard.