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    Ghost Boards apparel, games, toys n' swag! Rep your spook on wheels with our hoodies, skate jewelry, beanies, and more. Play a round of cornhole with our custom acrylic, light-up boards!
  • Longboard Parts

    Longboard Parts (83)

    Need new wheels? A new deck? Want to customize your current longboard? Check out all out longboard parts! We've got wheels, trucks, bearings, accessories, and everything else you need, in stock with quick shipping!
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    Longboards (225)

    Quality, Custom Longboards in Stock Ready to grab a complete board and rip? Ghost Boards has you covered! We stock hundreds of longboard options in our U.S. warehouse, providing quick shipping (with slick packaging) for any board you see! Grab an O.G. Ghost Board Ride like the dark knight himself with our Batman Ghost Board, bomb a hill into the…
  • Skate Gear

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    Never take a hit to the dome unprotected. Always wear protective skate gear. Helmets, pads, and gloves in stock. Hang your boards with a Ghost skate rack. Need to clean your Ghost Board? We've got patented acrylic cleaners to buff out scratches and make your longboard look new, too!
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    Completes in stock! Quality bearings, trucks, decks, grip tape, wax, skate tools and everything else you need in your quiver, available with quick shipping!