The Jelly Custom Hand Painted Popsicle 7.75″


One of a kind killer hand painted painted deck…7.75″. Definitely a deck you’ll want in your quiver.

Litezpeed Blue Trucks – 5.25″ Hanger 8.0″ Axle

Greg Harbour Pro Model 56mm/101A
peedlab Wheels Greg Harbour Pro model wheel. This is Greg’s 1st ever Pro model wheel and it is totally deserved. These wheels are bright & obnoxious pink with graphics inspired by his girlfriend Jane. They have an angled conical cut on each side to provide a highly functional profile & shape made from the best formulas in the world for ultimate speed & control. Pick up a set and be seen! Artwork by Mark Frankel.
Contact patch – 24.5mm
Color: Pink

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Weight6 lbs


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