Toy Machine Super Premium 53mm 99a




These brand new  Toy Machine wheels are built to last! Coming in at 53mm in diameter and 99a in hardness, these bad boys are ready for action and packed with steez. Toy Machine Skateboards Super Premium Skateboard Wheels – 99a are sold in (1) set of four (4) wheels. You know, because that’s how many wheels you need on a skateboard. Speaking of skateboards, did you know that Warehouse Skateboards sells those too? We’re not all wheels, and there’s plenty of wood to go around.

Note: Bearings not included.


  • One (1) set of 53mm Toy Machine Skateboards Super Premium Skateboard Wheels – 99a; includes four (4) wheels
  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Durometer: 99a


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