Bones STF Desert Horns 99a V5 Sidecut Wheels, 53mm



Take the bull by the horns and go skate with the Bones STF Desert Horns 99a V5 Sidecut Wheels. Manufactured with Bones Street Tech Formula, giving you more slide-ability with less flat spots creating a wheel with a substantially higher rebound for more speed and amazing slide capabilities. Manufactured in the U.S. at the Bones factory in Santa Barbara, California, these wheels are skater engineered. Wheels are sold in sets of four.


  • Bones V5 Sidecut shape
  • 99a durometer
  • Street Tech Formula
  • Classic Street wheel shape
  • Shaped for ledge, rails and bowls
  • Versatile, less slide drag and faster grinds

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Weight.5 lbs


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